Consulting Services/
Expert Witness Services

Using his legal, architectural, and construction licenses, certifications and years of hands-on experience, Mr. Salpietra offers expert advice to development companies, contractors and builders of commercial and residential projects to navigate complex processes including approvals from government agencies, review committees, zoning/building department, and land use issues and entitlements. The firm provides guidance on architectural and contractor coordination, as well as advice regarding designers, interior designers, contractors, sub-contractors, and material suppliers contracts. Mr. Salpietra also advises clients on initial designs, construction drawings, permitting, bidding, and construction. His extensive knowledge of architecture, construction, and law has assisted small and large businesses alike.

Mr. Salpietra offers counsel on homeowner’s association governance legal issues, and architectural review committees, including new constructions, remodels, and owner improvements.

Mr. Salpietra acts as an expert witness in legal matters of construction, architecture, the governance of common-interest developments, interpretation of governing documents, and board of directors’ fiduciary duties. In addition, he also serves as an expert witness as an architect with respect to the standards of care for architectural services and construction issues.